POSTER | Jean Jacques Leroy | KING JJ

POSTER | Jean Jacques Leroy | KING JJ

Majestic portrait of JJ in his 'KING JJ' - Showcasing total domination as if the weight of the world is in the palm of his hand where it revolve around him as the center of universe. Each of the piece in this History Maker collection are bound to a theme from their Skating program. This piece is made to capture the essence of Ruler of the World.

    • Sturdy paper with 250gsm thichkness
    • Size A3+ - 12 ×18 inch
    • Enjoy delightful view with Matte finished material to prevents glaring
    • Tested for perfect accuracy in details and color vibrancy
    • Artworks are hand-drawn, digitally crafted masterpieces of your favorite characters at their most awe-inspiring moments.
    • For a more professional touch, the artist's signature is available upon request, inked in silver on the bottom right corner.

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