Brook | Requiem La Banderole |

Brook | Requiem La Banderole |

This series is center around portraying the ultimate techniques used by each of the Straw Hat members. Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri which is originally named Requem La Banderole; is Brooks's signature attack. It is the fastest cutting technique of his kingdom's assault squad.
In this piece, I try to emphasis the swiftness of this attack and also adding in the soul and chilling essence to live up his name as Soul King.

    • Sturdy paper with 250gsm thichkness
    • Size A3+ - 12 ×18 inch
    • Enjoy delightful view with Matte finished material to prevents glaring
    • Tested for perfect accuracy in details and color vibrancy
    • Artworks are hand-drawn, digitally crafted masterpieces of your favorite characters at their most awe-inspiring moments.
    • For a more professional touch, the artist's signature is available upon request, inked in silver on the bottom right corner.

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