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Parallel Lines



Kevin Tan a.k.a Vinrylgrave.
He is known for his badass character illustrations, especially anime illustrations.

His signature style highlights the most iconic features of the characters, making them immediately recognizable to any fan.

Adding his own flavor and spinning his own creativity towards the subject matter, This style also creates an aesthetic that is both pleasing to the eye and true to the character's identity.

Each portrayer is handled with care, and accurately so that there is always a sense of recognition and respect for the character.

To him, these illustrations are a love letter

and a tribute to the characters that we admire.


VINRYLGRAVE was born from the word




Rather than being a place for the deceased --

"leave a deep impression in one's mind"

that is its identity, its fundamental purposes, and its value

It could closely associated with the word "engrave" --

where they both share the same value of long-lastingness.

This art is about creating something that will stay with you forever,
something that will be etched into your mind and impossible to forget.
It's about creating something timeless, something that will scar you for life.
an art that strives to create something truly unforgettable.


" I'm on a quest to make
a tribute masterpiece on as many
Anime Characters, as best as I could "

As an artist,

I have always been driven by a desire to bring characters to life through my art. Whether it's a personal project that takes months or years to complete or creating fan art as a tribute to beloved characters, I am constantly striving to do my best and pay tribute to these amazing creations.

Most of us have grown up watching these characters and have formed a deep connection to them. They have provided us with entertainment, given us life lessons, and even motivated us at times. That's why I feel such a strong desire to pay tribute to them through my art.

Unfortunately, creating fan art is not always a reliable source of income for artists. It often relies on sales at conventions and online stores, which can be hit-or-miss. This can sometimes lead to artists feeling pressure to create popular content rather than what they truly want to make, or even venturing into NSFW content. While I have tried this approach in the past, I ultimately found that it was not fulfilling for me as an artist.

Logically, it makes sense for artists to take on projects in an official, commercial environment in order to secure a more sustainable income. However, many artists find that the demands of this type of work can be exhausting, and it's not always a guarantee of financial success. As a result, some of our favorite artists may disappear from the scene after entering this field.

Despite these challenges, I keep coming back to creating fan art because it's where my true passion lies. Maybe in the future, I will take on occasional official work, but for now, my focus is on bringing my favorite anime characters to life through my art. If you would like to support me in this endeavor, please consider joining the Kajitsugami gang. Thank you for considering my request.

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