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Half Body Portrait

This format is an excellent way to showcase a character's unique features and outfit in greater detail. These pieces make for attractive room decorations when printed and are perfect for those interested in delving deeper into a character's appearance. Key points that you can expect in my art include:

  • Authenticity

  • Customization

  • Aesthetic


I will always try to capture and elevate the characters with respect to their authentic design while also bringing a fresh perspective.

My hope is to give audiences a new and exciting take on their favorite characters, all while respecting and remaining true to the characters' original designs.



Customization is one of my specialties, and I excel at adding, modifying, or discarding elements to create unique and personalized subject matter.

Character design is an area in which I particularly excel, and I am always looking for new ways to push the boundaries and bring my own flair to each and every piece. Whether I am working on an original creation or putting my own spin on an existing character, I am dedicated to crafting something truly special and memorable.


As an artist, I took pride for my  composition skill and know how to create aesthetically pleasing works of art.

Every lines , shapes, brush strokes are laid there carefully  and intentionally.

This piece is guaranteed to be a visual treat, whether viewed on a screen or displayed in physical form.


and the last point





I refuse to rush through an artwork without genuine care and passion. To me, creating art is not just a job or a means to an end - it is a labor of love. It may be more financially beneficial for me to simply churn out pieces without putting my heart into them, but just couldn't. I believe that art should come from the heart and be infused with emotion and meaning. That is why I will always put my all into every piece, even if it takes a lot of time and energy. To me, the end result is worth it and you are here for that.

Would you like a commission?

Motion Frame

for commission

The'Motion Frame'

This Motion Frame is a very personal piece of a trophy-like premium item.

it serves as a physical manifestation of my personal token of gratitude for your support.

So go ahead and proudly display it on your desk or in your room.

its available as an additional when you order your commission

est available on Q3 2023

  • 10 Inch-framed display 

  • 6 Hrs Battery Life

  • Personalized card on the back

Blue Personal Objects


  • What are the countries that available for shipping ?
    I could only ship to certain countries, always check on the Shipping Chart, it will be updated regularly without any notice. Refer to the shipping page HERE Feel free to Chat me and ask if I could ship to your country.
  • Where can we see the full chart on the shipping fee?
    They are available at Artstore page as well as the Shipping page you can also click HERE to check it out
  • What type of shipping service do you use ?
    I ship my art from Indonesia. This is Fedex like express service called Kurasi fully trackable status with tracking number. Arrive less than 14 days, package is save from damage.
  • How do we get and check the tracking number ?
    Once the package is being shipped, you will get a tracking number via your email including the link to the postal website you can also find the website HERE
  • More item = Lesser shipping fee how does this work ?
    Shipping decrease whenever you add more item. Spending 100$ and onward grants you Free Shipping.
  • Why not use the regular shipping service ? it is cheaper
    It takes months to reach the destination. Status cant be tracked, and prone to getting lost or damaged through the process. ​ I just cant risk such unreliable and time consuming method and yall deserve premium service for the safety of the artpieces.
  • 'Unsuccessfull delivery' status on the tracking website ,WHAT Should we do?"
    All you need to do is call your local postal office and give them the tracking number, they will kindly assist you to reschedule the delivery or you can pick it up on their office. Make sure to do it immediately so they don't return the package back to me.
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