What type of shipping service do you use ?

I ship my art from Indonesia. This is Express Mail Service, [EMS] fully trackable status with tracking number. Arrive less than 14 days, package is save from damage.

Why not use the regular shipping service ? it is cheaper

It takes months to reach the destination. Status cant be tracked, prone to getting lost or damaged through the process. I just cant risk such unreliable and time consuming method and yall deserve premium service for the safety of the artpieces.

Buying more item = Lesser shipping fee how does this work ?

Shipping decrease whenever you add more item. Spending 100$ and onward grants you Free Shipping.

Can we see the full chart on the shipping fee for each quantity ?

Yes, I have included the chart on my website along with the country on the shipping section here If you cant find your country, do notify me so I can update it later on.

Do I have to pay extra when I receive the package ?

No, I ship this as personal item and I decrease the product value to help y'all avoid extra charge. So far, I have shipped up to 15 artworks in one package and no complain regarding extra charge

What are the countries that available for shipping ?

Refer to the shipping page here

How do we get and check the tracking number ?

Once the package has been shipped, you will get a tracking number via your email including the link to the postal website

'Unsuccessfull delivery' status on the tracking website ,WHAT Should we do?

All you need to do is call your local postal office and give them the tracking number, they will kindly assist you to reschedule the delivery or you can pick it up on their office.
Make sure to do it immediately so they don't return the package back to me.