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" those who have attained mastery in the art of harnessing the essences of fruit "




" are

called... "



a world , a story , an idea

An Original work-- Enter a peculiar world of supernatural and mystical beings; Set in an odd Japanese-themed universe that involves fruits and samurai.

Each type of fruit has its own unique property, with those who are able to withdraw these powers being something special themselves!

those who have attained mastery in the art of harnessing the essences of fruit (Kajitjutsu)--are called "Kajitsugami"



To become a Kajitsugami, one must overcome the trial of their own fruition.  Every fruit has a crux sealed inside it, which is a supernatural being. A blood-bound Ritual will be performed to summon the Crux and defeating it will grant its power. its carcasses will then be woven into the Haori of the user.


The candidates for becoming Kajitsugami were required to go through a rigorous training process under the Fruit DOJO (Kajitsu-Zen).

Preparing them mentally and physically for the final trial of becoming Kajitsugami. those who failed will...




By Mixing the soul of the Holder and the Crux,
one will unlock the full potential of the Fruit for a short time at a cost.
As result, Kajitsugami will enter the state of 'JUICE
become more powerful and also changes their appearance.



  • Kajitsugami's form cycle ROOT - JUICE - RIPE

  • JUICE  and RIPE state are only available for those who purchase the ROOT form.

*(at the later phase of Kajitsugami where we could enter the tokenization stage, JUICE and RIPE forms are only available via training, mission, Boss battle (staking), and spend your experience token. ( Tokenization Phase is only possible with the community's support, so we can make a team and have enough money.)





Kajitsugami is a fruition of the accumulation of muses and designs that I am passionate about throughout my life. These muses came from everywhere like games, art, cinemas, and definitely animes.

One particular anime that I grew so in love with in terms of art, fashion styles, and design, is Bleach which recently was elevated by the appearance of Demon Slayer there is something that always drives me when I see characters with Japanese aesthetics,  especially swordsmen (samurai).

Designing characters has been something I really enjoy doing, it started with Bleach fans OC, interpreting so many characters that the community had come up with was an amazing experience. I have longed to create such a world with a certain iconic set of aesthetics one day and people can be involved in it like those ingame characters where we could create our own. and hopefully here is my chance.