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" those who have attained mastery in the art of harnessing the essences of fruit "




" are

called... "



a world , a story , an idea

An Original work-- Enter a peculiar world of supernatural and mystical beings; Set in an odd Japanese-themed universe that involves fruits and samurai.

Each type of fruit has its own unique property, with those who are able to withdraw these powers being something special themselves!

those who have attained mastery in the art of harnessing the essences of fruit (Kajitjutsu)--are called "Kajitsugami"



the ultimate test for those aspiring to become
Kajitsugami. At the heart of every fruit lies a Crux - a powerful, otherworldly being. Through a sacred blood ritual, these Cruxes can be summoned, and defeating them in this ritual, will grant their powers to the victor. The Haori of a Kajitsugami is adorned with the woven remains of the vanquished Cruxes, a testament to their strength and determination. Are you ready to embark on this perilous journey and claim your rightful place among the Kajitsugami?


Aspiring Kajitsugami, also known as "Seed," underwent intense training at the Fruit DOJO (Kajitsu-Zen) to hone their minds and bodies for the ultimate test of becoming fully-fledged Kajitsugami.

those who failed will...




Unleashing the full potential of the Fruit is a risky endeavor,
but one that can yield tremendous rewards.
By Merging the soul of the Holder with that of the Crux, Kajitsugami can enter the state of 'JUICE' - a transformation that amplifies their powers and alters their appearance.

But beware, this power comes at a cost.
Only the most skilled Kajitsugami can harness the JUICE without succumbing to its dangers.



Kajitsugami ?

  • Kajitsugami is my very first Original work or IP (Intelectual Property) that actually came to fruition for the public.

  • Kajitsugami has this unique design of fruits and samurai characters that I can't wait to explore more.

  • Kajitsugami utilizes web3 technology to provide benefits for my loyal supporter.

  • Kajitsugami will no longer be accessible through purchasing.

  • Kajitsugami will only be available through being earned. so I only gave this to my loyal fans.



What is Kajitsugami



  • Each Kajitsugami has 3 FORMSROOT - JUICE - RIPE

  • Kajitsugami Holder starts from the ROOT form

  • JUICE  and RIPE state are only available for those who already owned the ROOT form.

*At the later phase of Kajitsugami where we could advance our web3 experience to a further stage, JUICE and RIPE forms are only available through obtaining via training, mission, Boss battle, and spending your experience point.

This state is called the Tokenization Phase and is only possible with the community's support and it is still too far from reality at the moment.



  • What are the countries that available for shipping ?
    I could only ship to certain countries, always check on the Shipping Chart, it will be updated regularly without any notice. Refer to the shipping page HERE Feel free to Chat me and ask if I could ship to your country.
  • Where can we see the full chart on the shipping fee?
    They are available at Artstore page as well as the Shipping page you can also click HERE to check it out
  • What type of shipping service do you use ?
    I ship my art from Indonesia. This is Fedex like express service called Kurasi fully trackable status with tracking number. Arrive less than 14 days, package is save from damage.
  • How do we get and check the tracking number ?
    Once the package is being shipped, you will get a tracking number via your email including the link to the postal website you can also find the website HERE
  • More item = Lesser shipping fee how does this work ?
    Shipping decrease whenever you add more item. Spending 100$ and onward grants you Free Shipping.
  • Why not use the regular shipping service ? it is cheaper
    It takes months to reach the destination. Status cant be tracked, and prone to getting lost or damaged through the process. ​ I just cant risk such unreliable and time consuming method and yall deserve premium service for the safety of the artpieces.
  • 'Unsuccessfull delivery' status on the tracking website ,WHAT Should we do?"
    All you need to do is call your local postal office and give them the tracking number, they will kindly assist you to reschedule the delivery or you can pick it up on their office. Make sure to do it immediately so they don't return the package back to me.


Kajitsugami is a fruition of the accumulation of muses and designs that I am passionate about throughout my life. These muses came from everywhere like games, art, cinemas, and definitely animes.

One particular anime that I grew so in love with in terms of art, fashion styles, and design, is Bleach which recently was elevated by the appearance of Demon Slayer.
There is something that always drives me when I see characters with Japanese aesthetics,  especially swordsmen (samurai).

Designing characters has been something I really enjoy doing, it started with Bleach fans OC, interpreting so many characters that the community had come up with was an amazing experience. I have longed to create such a world with a certain iconic set of aesthetics one day and people can be involved in it like those in-game characters where we could create our own. and hopefully here is my chance.

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